Press Start: Microsoft's Acquisition of Bethesda Makes Game Pass Look Even Better

Microsoft keeps making huge moves to acquire new studios for Xbox, and their latest move may have been the biggest one yet. Hearing that Microsoft was acquiring Bethesda really surprised me, especially at the price point of over 7 billion dollars. It's a bold statement that shows Microsoft is committed to expanding its first-party arsenal, and I like to see the move.

But what does this mean for Bethesda's games? Currently, Deathloop is planned as a PS5 exclusive, and Doom: Eternal is still set to come out on Nintendo Switch. These platforms will still no doubt receive these games, but it's the later games, like Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI that are big question marks.

Xbox head Phil Spencer says Bethesda games will still come to other platforms on a case-by-case basis. Microsoft has been generous with their IPs in recent years -- just last week we saw Ori and the Will of the Wisps get a Nintendo Switch release.

So, why spend over 7 billion dollars to acquire a studio if you won't even make their games exclusive? The big answer: Xbox Game Pass.

This is a huge win for Xbox and Game Pass subscribers. All first-party game releases launch day and date on Xbox Game Pass, meaning Bethesda is now likely included in the launch day Game Pass philosophy. This feature was already a big deal in this current generation, but it's an even bigger deal going into the next generation as game prices rise from $60 to $70.

If Elder Scrolls VI does indeed come to PS5 and the Xbox Series family, players will have the option to buy it outright for $70, or experience it through their Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. The hefty $70 price tag on new AAA games makes Game Pass a lot more attractive, and Bethesda's inclusion makes the deal even sweeter.

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