Press Start: Steve Joins Smash, and Predictions for the Rest of the DLC

Steve from Minecraft is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Minecraft has millions upon millions of players across the globe, so this is a huge crossover event for both properties.

The moveset looks great -- I love how most DLC characters so far in Fighters Pass 1 and 2 has brought something unique to the table. Joker's Persona, Hero's spell menu, Terry's "Go" moves and input commands, and Min Min's extendable arms were all fresh takes on Smash Bros., while still fitting in with the overall gameplay that's been established throughout the entire series.

Steve (and Alex, Zombie, and Enderman) adds building to the equation. It was hard to get a great look at his moves from the brief reveal trailer we were shown, but building, crafting, and even mining all seem like a big part of his kit. We saw TNT, Mine Carts, generic building materials, and a whole lot more that's sure to make the Minecraft characters feel pretty unique compared to the 81 (!!!) other characters on the roster.

It's crazy that Sakurai said the team had to rework all of the stages in order for the building mechanic to work. I think we all assumed COVID-19 was the reason it took so long for us to see a new fighter, but it actually seems like Steve and Co. took longer to develop and figure out.

Minecraft is a huge, important gaming property, and I think it has earned a place in Super Smash Bros. Personally, I hope this doesn't open the door for other extremely popular games, namely Fortnite, to grab a spot in Smash Bros.

With Steve's addition, there are only four slots left in Fighters Pass 2 left up for grabs. Here are some predictions (largely injected with my hopes) of what we'll see for the rest of the Fighters Pass.

1. A Capcom character

Capcom already has Mega Man, Ryu, and Ken on the roster, and I think it's likely we'll see one more character from the company before the DLC for Ultimate wraps up. I'd love for it to be Phoenix Wright, but Dante from the Devil May Cry series, or a Monster Hunter to tie in with Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise seems to make the most sense.

2. A random, off-the-wall retro character

According to Sakurai, Nintendo picks the DLC characters for Smash Ultimate. But, since there are six characters in this pack opposed to five in the first one, I wouldn't be surprised if Sakurai got to throw in a random pick of his own. Someone to fit in with the likes of Duck Hunt and Game & Watch, I think we'll see a random retro character join the fray. Frogger? Space Invader? Something nuts like that would add some spice to this DLC lineup.

3. One more Nintendo character

Like Byleth from Fighters Pass 1, I think this pack will get another Nintendo character from a previously established franchise in Smash. Zelda could use another rep, or maybe we'll finally see Bandana Waddle Dee.

4. Waluigi

I'm in the camp that Waluigi will join Smash Ultimate as the final character. What an insane sendoff that would be to an incredible game.

Who do you want to see join Smash Ultimate? Let me know on Twitter @LoganJPlant!

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